Apple iPhone 3G Announced at WWDC


The next generation iPhone has just been announced at Apple’s WWDC.

The new phone features the same gorgeous 3.5-inch display but now has a black back and is thinner at the edges. It has a flush headphone jack and improved audio.

New 3G iPhone speed compared to Nokia N95 and Treo 750

New 3G speed compared to old iPhone on Edge

New incredible battery life
2G talk time now 10 hours – up from 8.
3G talk time is an industry-leading 5 hours

iPhone now has built-in GPS

Over the next several months, the 3G iPhone will be rolled out in 70 countries.

Perhaps the biggest news – a price drop to $199 for an 8GB model.
There will also be a white 16GB model priced at $299.
The iPhone started at $599 for 8GB and now sells for $399. The new 3G iPhone will be $199 in an effort by Apple to make it even more affordable.

July 11 will see the launch of the 3G iPhone in the largest 22 of the 70 countries.

“Just like the first iPhone, this new iPhone 3G is one of the most amazing products I’ve ever had the privilege to be associated with,” said Steve Jobs. He finishes his keynote presentation by saying, “You know, we’ve got such incredibly talented people at Apple — they put their hearts and souls into this product. I hope you can feel it. … and that’s just the start. WWDC 2008 — I think it’s going to be our best so far.”

There is a new ad to accompany the new iPhone – it’s a spy theme.
The tag line is: “Finally, the first phone to beat the iPhone… Introducing the NEW iPhone 3G.”

A special thanks to the team at Engadget who provided the pictures and info from the event. Hope you enjoyed yourselves guys.



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