WRITTEN BY Sam Addison ON February 22, 2011

Semi Truck Go Karts for the Trucker in Everyone

Semi Truck Go Kart

Semi Truck Go Kart

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Semi Truck Go Karts are the biggest, baddest go karts you are ever likely to own. Custom built, these go karts are fully drivable trucks for ages six and above.

There’s something about driving a truck. Whether you’re hauling frozen pastries or illegal immigrants, having control of that much weight and power is sheer man-sized fun. At least, that’s what truckers say. Those of us who aren’t truckers, and are not even licensed to drive one, have to look on in envy. At least, we did, until Go Karts Direct started producing custom Semi Truck Go Karts.

They aren’t as big as real trucks, and not as powerful; if they were, they’d be real trucks. They are, however, the most enormous and powerful damn go karts in the history of under-sized transport.

Available in custom colors, these monsters come with a 6.5 gas pull-start motor, automatic clutch and 4″ band brakes. Height ranges from 22 to 26″: sitting in one of these, you’ll look like a giant driving a full-sized truck.

Or, perhaps you’re concerned that your six year old child looks too small driving a real truck? With a Semi Truck Go Kart there’s no problem, because these mini-mega-marvels are suitable for ages six and above.

Prices start at $2750 for the Go Karts, and $1395 for trailers.

Where can I buy it?
Store: Go Karts Direct
Price: $2750
Buy Now at Go Karts Direct
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Wow that’s hilarious lol. I really like you guys work, ty again for sharing. :)

You shoud make bigger trucks and longer trailers.

And also you should make the inside designs like real ones, and the seats INSIDE!

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