WRITTEN BY Markie Reichert ON May 16, 2011

Huey the Color Changing Chameleon: A Night Light Lizard Who Blends Right In

Huey the Color Changing Chameleon

Huey the Color Changing Chameleon

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Huey the Color Changing Chameleon provides interactive education for you and your children. Karma Chameleon's got nothing on this guy.

Some things are just fun to look at. Take Huey, the Color Changing Chameleon, for example. He turns the color of whatever he sits on.

Using LED technology, this cute reptile can match any color. Huey has an optical sensor which determines the color under him, and adjusts the multi-colored LEDs inside him to match. Pretty smart for a lizard, huh?

Huey the Color Changing Chameleon

Huey the Color Changing Chameleon can also make his own magic, taking the cue to cycle though 12 distinct colors when you squeeze his soft vinyl body. He makes a great toy for young children – helping them have fun whilst learning, and also makes a neat gift for technology geeks who will constantly try to outsmart him. Good luck, guys.

Huey the Colour Changing Chameleon

Give Huey a home today! Log on to firebox.com and pick up this little guy for $52 | £32 | €36.

Where can I buy it?
Store: Firebox.com
Price: $52 | £32 | €36
Buy Now at Firebox.com
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