WRITTEN BY Mark Jeldi ON November 2, 2011

RhoadesCar ComfortRide Bike Car: The SUV That Gets You Fit!

RhoadesCar ComfortRide Bike Car

RhoadesCar ComfortRide Bike Car

Buy Now at RhoadesCar.com
The RhoadesCar ComfortRide Bike Car is a 4-wheel quad bike built for comfort, featuring a 22-inch wide seat (with optional backrest) that supports 300+ lbs.

Cycling’s a brilliant way to get around and get solid exercise at the same time, but if you’re tired of being pushed around by traffic, or your build requires something built-tough, the RhoadesCar ComfortRide Bike Car will make you king of the road!

Offering superior stability (and road presence) through its 4-wheel jig-welded steel chassis, the RhoadesCar ComfortRide Bike Car is built for comfort and boasts a 22-inch wide seat (with optional backrest) that makes the quad-cycle akin to an easy chair on wheels.

Also including black mag wheels, disc brakes and optional cargo carrier, headlights, tail lights, rear view mirror, speedometer and pimp-my-ride fenders, the ComfortRide Bike Car supports 300+ lbs and is available now, direct from RhodesCar.com from $1,299.00.

Where can I buy it?
Store: RhoadesCar.com
Price: From $1,299.00
Buy Now at RhoadesCar.com
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