Pet Owner’s Robotic Vacuum Autonomously Roombas Pet Hair From Carpet

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Pet Owner's Robotic Vacuum [Pet-Series Roomba]

Vacuuming is a chore at the best of times, but if you’ve got a cat or dog at home – you’ll know how arduous and time consuming brushing their hair from the carpet can be. Well, thanks to this specially-designed pet-series Roomba called the Pet Owner’s Robotic Vacuum, you can automate that laborious brushing and cleaning – thoroughly removing deeply embedded dirt and dander from your carpets at the press of a button.

Featuring proprietary, counter-rotating agitator brushes that spread both low and high-pile carpet fibers for a deep clean, the Pet Owner’s Robotic Vacuum also packs a powerful motor for superior suction, removing pet hair and kitty litter – as well as dust and dirt brought in by dirty paws.

Equipped with a smart built-in sensor, the Pet Owner’s Robotic Vacuum navigates around furniture and avoids running into walls or falling down stairs and features clever anti-tangle technology – which reverses the Roomba’s brushes should it become entangled in a rug fringe.

Including two infrared virtual walls that let you confine the Roomba to particular rooms, the Pet Owner’s Robotic Vacuum can clean up to three rooms per charge before automatically returning to its base for a top-up, includes a set of additional brushes and filters, measures 3″ high x 13.5″ in diameter, weighs 7.5lbs and is available now from the spotless offices of Hammacher Schlemmer for $319.95.

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Comments (3 Responses):

Roombas are a godsend. I’m excited to see how well this one works. Pet hair on carpets is a tough thing to suck up.

These are really cool. You have to see it in action for yourself or just go to Youtube. Must have for dog owners

I think that Roomba is the best brand of robotic vacuum.

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