Reason Washing Machine: “Drawer-Drum” Makes Loading Easy

Ever get tired of crawling around on the floor when loading/unloading your front-loading washing machine? Well, you could put the thing up on wall brackets, or better still, you could get one of these. Called the Reason Washing Machine, it virtually eliminates the need for any bending thanks to its clever, drawer-like drum design.

The Reason doesn’t stop there either. It will accommodate a huge 10kg of your dirty laundry, which it will weigh and then appropriately dose the right amount of water, detergent and softener to get the stuff clean. This minimizes wastage and most importantly, means you don’t have to mess about with containers and measuring cups (video below).

The machine features two “reservoir pods,” one on each side of the control panel which hold 1.5 liters each. These pods enable the automatic dispensing of detergent and softener, while a single button in the middle of the console is all you need to press to get the thing in motion. There’s no mention of the presence of even a hot/cold water option, however.

This clever little washer was developed by a British entrepreneur and is not just some concept design. You can actually purchase a hand-made drawer-washer of your own, albeit by limited auction, with 100 units allocated for the USA, Europe and Japan each, plus 200 destined for those here in the UK. The auction will kick off on February 6th for UK residents from Reason’s site.

The company poses a question on their site: “…the best washing machine ever made?” Well, it could very well be, but what I’d like to see is a cross between this and the Xeros Washing Machine that leaves clothes virtually dry. Now that would be a washer.

PR Web via GizmoWatch

Comments (6 Responses):

That is genius! I love the idea, because you are right I hate crawling on the floor searching for the laundry that slipped out. I have seen dishwashers like this, but never a front loader.

It was very helpfull thank you so much for sharing. I will share it with my friends. Thanks

Am living in Singapore.

May i know how do i get hold of one and the price.


Hi Casey, I don’t believe they’re available in Singapore, but you could try contacting Reason at the following address:

Cheers, Mark

I definitely like this concept. It’s been a year now judging from the date of this post and yet this is the first I’ve heard about this type of washing machine. How come Reason haven’t pushed this more into the market?

What actually came out of this machine?

Peter Jensen

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