Seagate Unveils 2TB Constellation ES 3.5-inch HDDs

Not to be outdone by WD’s 2TB breakthrough last week, Seagate have announced their own 2TB monster in the form of the 3.5-inch Constellation ES. The disk runs at 7200RPM, which gives it an edge over its 5400RPM rival, as well as an SAS 2.0 interface for blazing transfer speeds of up to 6Gbps.

The Constellation ES Series also includes a 1TB and 500GB version and if you’re lacking a setup with an SAS 2.0 interface, the drives will also be offered with a SATA connection. You’ll only get half of that sweet 6Gbps though. These enterprise-grade drives are rated at a full 1.2 million hours MTBF (provided there aren’t any firmware issues).

There is no pricing info as yet, but it shouldn’t be far off from the $299 of WD’s Caviar Green. Probably less. I guess we’ll just have to wait until the summer, when these spinners are slated to begin shipping, before we know for sure.

Seagate (Press Release) via Electronista


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