Driving LED Emoticon Message Sign

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There is a clever new device called the Driving LED Emoticon through which you can clearly express a range of sentiments to fellow drivers without using any hand gestures.

The Driving LED Emoticon is a wirelessly-controlled, battery-powered message sign designed to be attached via suction cup to the inside of the rear window of your car.

The expression displayed on the sign is changed by buttons on a remote control that can be attached to the dash or windscreen or simply left somewhere you can access it easily.

It is capable of displaying five different messages: a smiling face, a frowning face, “Thanks”, “Back Off” and “Idiot”.

The main unit uses 4 AA batteries and measures 6″ diameter x 1.25″ thick. It also has a power save mode to conserve the batteries. You can find it here.

The site cautions that the device may not be legal in all US states and to check your local laws before use.

Picture credits: ThinkGeek

Comments (2 Responses):

I really liked it. But not bad, it would be to add a few important sections.

This is hilarious! I love the angry face. And the wink – is that for flirting? But my definite favourite is the guy going ‘oh!’

This is so ridiculous, it’s brilliant. I’d be way too embarrassed to use it though – I’d only ever consider it if a friend was following me and I wanted to tease them…

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