Google is now enabled for IPv6


Google has now made its search available over an IPv6 connection, as announced on their official blog.

You may have heard of IPv4. It is the fourth version of the internet protocol that the world depends on. However, IPv4 will soon need replacing as it only accommodates 4 billion possible IP addresses. That’s not even enough for 1 per person and many more addresses are needed for business, mobile devices and any future internet gadgets.

With IPv6, however, there will be enough IP addresses for every individual to have 3 billion networks.

Mac OS X, Windows Vista and Linux are all providing high-quality support for IPv6, so it should only be a matter of time before we see IPv6 widely deployed.

You can test if you have an IPv6 connection by clicking here for the new Google search. If you don’t, it will just appear to be a broken link.

Google Blog


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