Philips Presents ‘3D TV’ Without Glasses

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Philips has revealed an impressive three-dimensional television at its annual presentation of corporate research. The television can show 3D video to the naked eye without the need for special glasses to pull off the effect.

The prototype, called WOWvx, works by combining slightly different angles of the same image to produce video with different depths. Tiny lenses are placed over each of the millions of sub-pixels in the screen which project light at one of nine angles through the front of the display. This process sends slightly different images to the left and right eyes to create the effect and can do so regardless of the angle you’re watching it from.

Philips will initially be selling a 42″ version to retailers who can create 3D ads that will grab the attention of shoppers passing-by. The television cannot take off, however, until sufficient content is developed, so Philips are working on technology for automated 2D to 3D conversion as well as for dedicated 3D creation.

Also at the presentation, Philips showed models of a low-energy water purifier (aimed at developing countries) plus a flat light that until turned on, is transparent like ordinary glass.

Photo credit: Philips

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Hmm… It didn’t seem to come out of the screen for me. Are you sure this works?

Maybe you need to look a little closer. The part near the end with the softball was a good example I thought.

Golf ball rather.

Keep in mind you are watching this on a 2D screen. To see the 3d effect you need to be watching it live, standing in front of the actual tv/monitor.

Sure sounds like something that will sell.

awesome! I’d love to have a 3dtv.
though I wouldn’t mind wearing 3d glassen, if they would work on my hd-tv (100hz, so hopefully that’s enough :))
to the first few posters… did you actually think this new tech tv was created so it can display the same things as youtube and a standard monitor?

To me the light bulb was the most amazing part, it seemed to stick out of the screen to some degree, and I’m watching it on a CRT. So, I’m sure seen on their TV, it must look amazing. I could see some scan lines, but I wonder if that was from the format of the video camera that shot the video from the TV. Was the video camera that shot the video of the TV high def or just some cell phone video camera? I know that, they just updated the HDMI standard to 1.4 and, it quadruples the resolution, and I know Sony’s Organic LCD technology is supposed to be many times the resolution of current HDTVs, so I’m sure in a few years by the time 3DHDTV truly hits the market, the resolution of the TVs will be much higher than current TVs, and the quality of 3DHDTV will be similar to what we saw in Minority report and other Sci-fi movies. I thought it would take much longer to get to the level of Minority Report and other movies, but it looks like it may be here sooner than we think. The light that is transparent could have some uses beyond lighting, as well.

I think the comments from the guys saying they can see the images coming out of the screen are hilarious.

Unless you watch that video on a WOWvx it will just be a fuzzy 2D video from youtube.

The video provided shows us nothing, you have to see it for real!

placebo effect ? You can’t see 3d on a 2D screen recorded from a single lens

There’s obviously depth of field, I actually jumped when I saw the golf ball coming, strange I know. But this is like so the future we are stepping into. with Oled tech giving thin screens can yu imagine a merger of both techs. Wow, crazy times we’re living in. I feel like i’m about to be in Total Recall.

It was rubbish!!! Are you people mad? You’se are only sitting there HOPING it looks “amazing” it’s utterly pathetic! If you want some 3D immersion go get a gf/bf…you fruit!!! Hooray!!!!

yes, its not going to jump out of the screen hence of the single lens recording it. but if you have seen enough 3d movies and such, you can tell it definitely is 3d to some extent. its probably not amazing that you will jump in horror/action movies but, if it’s 3d to some extent, then thats a start.. good to see technology picking up these days! for the people who complain and moan it won’t work, make one yourself. something has to start somewhere, then competition starts, thus better products. extremely awesome to see this tv

You can’t see the 3D effect by viewing the 3D TV on you tube. Why? Because, the video taken of the TV is through a single lens.
The whole principle of the technology of the TV is that it plays off both of your eyes at slightly different angles, thus producing the effect.

Thanks for talking about this subject. I had been looking for good information about it.

Who’s the dumb moron when even bothered to video tape the TV like anyone can see that its 3D! God damn are people stupid! I’m raging pissed for some reason… common sense people! It’s like the Nightmare on Elm Street movie in 3D when the girl in the movie puts on 3D glasses and looks at her hand and acts amazed that her hand is in 3D like a retard!

Thanks for the post, 3D TVs are the future! The games are going to be really good but the downfall is people with eye problems may not be able to see the 3 dimensions and also cost factor. Can’t wait to see the 3D Tvs in action.

i dont think the golf came OUT OF THE SCEEN

Hah, of course you aren’t going to see the 3D effect here! The video is kind of pointless.

I saw one of these in person today…. it was amazing – absolutely amazing! My friends and I actually noticed our whole bodies moving to duck and weave out of the way.

It was spectacular!

Definitely on my have-to-get wish list!

hi there yes there is a companie making a 3D camra without glasses and nintendo has 3DS nintedno with 3D with out glases i would wait untill they arive at your local store before making the juge ment becuase your right we are watching on 2D screen not 3D screen soo wait untill you see it live at a retail store

I like how you are thinking…and I’m totally addicted to your articles!

hi there you are right golf ball and you are right 3D needs been seen live at a demo confrence or at local tv store like we realy wont know for sure untill they arive at best buy frys or hhgreg and yes this technolgy exists in the iphone ipod touch and ipad app called halotoy for $0.99 and 3D hiden images will be released for the nintendo dsi on may 17 and yes the nintendo 3DS will use sharps 3D screens as well so sharp samsung panasonic and mitubishi all will release a 3D tv with out glasses like nintendo 3DS

What I find so astonishing is that this is in 2008. I’m confused as to why people are buying the 3DTV WITH the glasses now, in 2010, when this technology obviously looks like its about to be produced within the next year or so.

Just rumor but we all must think a little outside the box or should i say outside the square living room .The future look behind some technology is we will be viewing a holigraphic image in a round viewing enviroment .Yes its being done right now imagine that.3d shmmme D …..

Thanks for sharing. It’s great

Lol, my son put this page on his favourites (we share the same Mac). Looking nice, keep writing!

That is so cool! I want one. Too bad they are so expensive. I’m sure the price will come down some day though.

What they need to do is have the background seprate from the moving object and that would be 3D looking.

That’s the best example of 3d tv that i’ve seen on a youtube video. Although you’re never gonna see a true representation, I could actually tell it was 3d. Really cool. Can’t wait to check it out for real.

Philips has always been good at taking innovative steps, like this one, to push 3D TVs without glasses onto the market. The new 3D TV technology is moving at a very fast rate now. There is now even talk of other manufacturers bringing 3D TV without glasses onto the market in the near future. Once the content for the 3D format is increased, then the uptake of 3D TVs will be much bigger.

I’m a great fan of the technology and watching programs that look more realistic so can’t wait for further developments.

Lets not forget the enhanced gaming experience that the technology provides.

I can’t wait until the price comes down so that I can afford a 3D tv. I absolutely love watching 3D movies in theaters. Also, I had no idea that automated 2D to 3D conversion was possible!

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