Mac Attack – Stolen Mac takes photos of its abductor


Thanks to the new Back to My Mac feature on Leopard-based macs, two suspects have been arrested after they made off with iPods, TVs, DVDs and two laptops from an apartment in New York.

According to the report in the New York Times, one of the laptops was owned by an Apple store employee, Kait Duplaga. From another Mac, she turned on the Back to My Mac function on her stolen Mac. From there she could access and control her stolen computer via this remote desktop type interface as well as see how it was being used. Duplaga remembered she had a camera installed (the webcam on macs is centrally positioned above the screen) and took a few snaps of the thief.

The photos were handed to police and almost all stolen property was recovered.

Daniel Jackson, the deputy commissioner of public safety in White Plains, N.Y. told the New York Times “It doesn’t get much better than their bringing us a picture of the guy actually using the stolen property.” “It certainly made our job easier” he said.

New York Times


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