Toyota Night View On Crown Hybrid

Toyota has launched a new version of its night-vision technology “Night View” on its recently unveiled 2008 Crown Hybrid which is capable of detecting pedestrians.

Night view isn’t exactly new technology, Cadillac introduced the first in-car night vision system in 2000. Toyota’s new implementation is a little different however, displaying the night vision on an LCD display in the dashboard.

Toyota’s previous version used a head-up display with information presented on the windscreen. A head-up display works better in theory than in practice with drivers complaining that it is too difficult to change focus between the night vision and the view of the road ahead.

The new system has a feature that will no doubt be very useful to drivers when driving at night. It relies on pattern recognition to recognise pedestrians and places yellow frames around each of them to alert the driver without needing to look at the LCD.

The pattern recognition system will apparently only work at speeds less than 60 kilometers per hour, which seems slow, but you’re probably more likely to encounter pedestrians wandering on the road in lower speed areas than on highways.

The company has said that it is working on a way to recognise animals and bicycles also.

The LCD has a resolution of 1280 x 480 pixels and displays not only the Night View system, but also the weather, brightness and vital gauges such as the speedometer, engine temperature and fuel level.


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