Yamaha’s Deus Ex Machina Concept Motorcycle

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Yamaha has come up with a futuristic design for a new concept motorcycle, known as the Yamaha branded Deus Ex Machina.

Designer Jake Loniak, from the Art Center Pasadena, has merged the best of motorcycles and exoskeletons to create this futuristic masterpiece.

It is powered by doped nano-phosphate batteries (which are very similar to those used in hybrid cars) and ultra-capacitors.

It has a spine made up of seven artificial vertebrae and set along it are 36 pneumatic muscles with 2 linear actuators that act to control the bike. The helmet is also pneumatically attached.

The designer believes that it could reach speeds of up to 75 mph (0-60 in 3 seconds) if it were to be constructed. Loniak also believes it would have a cycle time of 1 hour and a recharge time of just 15 minutes.


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