HP Voodoo Envy 133 Notebook Thinner Than MacBook Air

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HP has announced an overhauled version of their Voodoo notebook line which steals the title of “world’s thinnest notebook away from Apple’s MacBook Air.

The new version does away with its gaming focus in favour of a small, sleek notebook with a 13.3-inch display and an all-carbon fibre chassis. It is just .70-inch thick, bettering the Air’s thickest point of .76-inch.

The Envy 133 features an instant-on Voodoo IOS mode that enables a user to go from power off to web browsing almost instantly. Users can also look at photos, chat and make Skype calls without loading Microsoft Windows which is a big plus for people on the go.

The instant-on feature utilises a lightweight version of Linux and includes an optimised version of Firefox for web browsing, Pidgeon for instant messaging to virtually any IM platform plus a photo gallery and music player application.

The power adapter is quite large but it also serves as a WiFi access point. The notebook is too thin to house an ethernet port, so it is built right into the power adapter.

The 133’s base configuration will start at $2,099 in a black carbon fibre finish. A white version will also be available at launch.

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