Korea Unveils Superfast Chip: Transfer 4 Full-Length Movies In 1 Second

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The Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has developed a multiplexer chip that has an operating speed of 45 gigabits per second, enabling the transfer of around four full-length movies in just one second.

The performance is achieved using the quantum effect of the resonant tunneling diode and consumes around 75 percent less energy than current chips. It was made in the university’s laboratory.

The team behind the chip doesn’t plan to stop there either, they are working on increasing the operating speed to 100Gb/s and to reduce power consumption even further to just 10 percent of current chips like the complementary metal oxide semiconductor, the high electron mobility transistor and the heterojunction bipolar transistor.

According to one of the researchers, the chips could be developed within 1-2 years.



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