LiveLuggage Power-Assisted Suitcase Makes Traveling A Breeze

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LiveLuggage has come up with a suitcase that can turn a 65-pound load into something that feels like only 6.5-pounds – just a tenth of the weight.

It achieves this though a combination of far-forward power-assisted wheels, an anti-gravity handle and force-sensors which work together to reduce the strain on your arms or back.

The “pan-cake” wheels are motorized and are triggered by the force-sensors when you pull on the handle, leaving you to guide your luggage along instead of hauling it behind you.

The power is supplied by a 12V NiMH battery that will give you around two hours of wheeling, plus the case has built-in security features which makes it almost hack proof.

The LiveLuggage PA series suitcase will set you back $1300, but may just save you some expensive medical bills.

LiveLuggage Product Page


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