Microsoft To Disable Your Phone/Camera

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Microsoft has filed a patent application that would see gadgets like mobile phones and digital cameras disabled in designated areas such as public transport, conference rooms, galleries, museums or movie theatres.

The idea is called Device Manners Policy (DMP) and could block certain features on gadgets that are not allowed in the user’s location.

According to Microsoft’s patent application, they are considering various methods of implementing their lock-down but are unsure of the best route.

The system would likely involve a Wi-Fi or RF link to your device. If you were in a gallery, for example, your gadget could be wirelessly linked to a local server that issues instructions about which functions are not allowed in the area and must be disabled.

The obstacle in this plan is in getting manufacturers to add the necessary software to their devices to make the system work. Microsoft can add the software to its own Windows Mobile platform but that would only cover a fraction of the mobile market and wouldn’t include digital cameras or other devices.

Microsoft’s Patent Application

Photo Credit: Flickr’s Kai Hendry


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