Mitsubishi Laser TV: LaserVue 65-Inch & 73-Inch Due In Autumn

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Mitsubishi has announced an autumn / fall launch for its new laser TV technology called LaserVue. The sets will be available in 65-inch and 73-inch models and could prove to be the most energy efficient displays on the market.

Mitsubishi is being very quiet about how the technology works but have been quick to point out its advantages over competing technologies.

The displays run at 120Hz with 500cd/m² of brightness and have a 200 percent color gamut which is more than double that of traditional HDTVs.

Another plus is that these Laser TVs draw less than 200 watts which is a third of that used by plasma sets and half that used by LCD displays.

Pricing is expected to be similar to that of Plasma and LCD sets so keep an eye out.



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