The Parasolar Solar Umbrella

The Parasolar is an ingenious invention. It looks just like a regular beach umbrella, but the cloth that makes up the canopy is embedded with photovoltaic panels which convert the sunlight into energy.

The generated energy is transferred to the handle where you can plug in your favourite gadgets to keep them charged up.

The device could prove even more useful perhaps when out camping. As well as charging your gadgets, it has been theorised, that it may be able to provide enough energy to power small lights, heaters or fans.

The Parasolar is apparently an improved design of a product created by Isreali, Oded Shorer, for the Greener Gadgets Competition.

The charger/battery and energy transformer are stored in the base which helps to give the Parasolar more stability when open. The tubular pole utilises a regular telescopic structure.

The energy generation/transformation process is automatically initiated when the parasol is clipped to the base. You can tap into this power source via a 12 volt output and two USB 2.0 sockets.

The wide base acts as not only a stabilising stand, but also a convenient, easily transportable storage case for when the canopy is not in use.

The Parasolar is only a concept thus far but hopefully we’ll see it in stores soon. Even if people aren’t impressed by its solar capturing abilities, the unique carry case alone could shift units.

There are also plans for an enhanced version which would allow businesses such as restaurants and hotels to capture energy during the daytime to provide lighting at night.


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