Peugeot Ozone: Rolling Fuel-Cell Car Concept

A new design for Peugeot has been unveiled which could be the most ‘out there’ vehicle design to date. Introducing the Ozone concept vehicle. Shaped like a drain pipe, yet strangely beautiful. It runs on hydrogen fuel-cells, naturally.

The cabin is positioned between two giant wheels (don’t know how well they would steer) which are each controlled by their own electric motor.

The body is equipped with doors that slide 360 degrees into its own frame which is impressive enough on its own.

Steering is handled via a joystick which if I remember correctly, Mercedes was experimenting with about a decade ago.

More pics below.

New Launches
Ozkan Koral Industrial Design

Comments (7 Responses):

That has got to be the stupidest-looking excuse for an automobile I have ever seen.

It seems obvious in that it would steer itself by changing the rotation speed of one or the other wheel. Slow right wheel and vehicle turns right. Vehicle could turn in its own radius at a stop. One could make the easiest sideways parallel parking with this (somewhat similar to parking a Smart Car by backing into a space.)

Thanks jestercard,

I hadn’t thought of that.

I think that makes the design even more ingenious!

Parking would be a lot easier – in fact, any kind of turning would be made easier with a tighter turning circle.

This car is a big joke !
Aerodinamics – 0
Stability – 0

This car is cool. I would buy one any day

Gecko-6, you should learn to be less of ignorant and closed-minded. I think this vehicle looks like the most promising “futurecar” I’ve seen yet, and I can’t wait to drive one.

It would be quite bumpy ride since this ‘car’ doesn’t have any suspension whatsoever. Noisy, too.

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