SMK creates "No Battery Remote Control"

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Leading remote control manufacturer, SMK, has created a prototype of a TV remote control that does not require any batteries.

The “No Battery Remote Control” looks a little like a water gun and is operated by squeezing a trigger to power its functions including on/off, volume control and channel changing.

The device was shown at the company’s “TEXPO 2008” exhibition in Shinagawa, Tokyo that began yesterday.

The device relies on an electromagnetic induction of the coil to generate power for the electronics. After squeezing the trigger, the coil generates a small current of around 20-30mA which is enough to transmit signals of infrared light several metres.

A user can control the volume by squeezing the trigger while pushing the volume button and switching a TV set on or off is a simple operation requiring nothing more than a double squeeze.

“A current of 20-30mA is required to extend the LED transmission range to a certain length,” said an SMK demonstrator. It currently requires quite a bit of strength to squeeze the trigger but that could be improved by optimisation of the power circuit and light emitting unit.

Its a very clever energy saving invention and by programming more commands into the trigger, could even prove easier and quicker to use than its battery powered cousins.

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