Cargo Scooter Concept: A Giant Cavity Where Its Heart Used To Be

Designer Elliot Ortiz has come up with a scooter concept that looks as if some sort of square-shaped missile has blown through the center. Despite its oddness, it is really quite clever, adding an impressive amount of cargo space while giving the rider more control over a load.

The design seems destined for courier companies who need to zip parcels and boxes around the city. Nets can be fastened on the sides to keep the luggage secure and the shape of the cutout allows easy access from both sides.

Storing cargo in front of the rider allows better judgement of whether they can fit through tight spaces with bits bulging out the sides. It also helps with balance as the cargo is dead center.

It doesn’t look overly complicated, so could have a chance at production. No word on steering, though, which I presume is a forwards/backwards affair.



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