iPod Nano 4G Thinks It’s A Model: To Be Taller, Skinnier.

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According to a multiple-source leak over at iLounge, the next generation iPod Nano will be taller to accommodate a larger screen, looking more like Microsoft’s Zune. The screen will have a 1.5:1 widescreen aspect ratio to match the iPod touch and iPhone. The new Nano will also be skinnier and should have a larger capacity due to recent drops in the prices of flash memory.

Apparently, Apple will be focusing on usability for the player instead of trying to further shrink the size. It is not clear whether it will feature Apple’s Accelerometer, but you would turn the device on its side to watch movies.

Previous speculation reckoned that the new Nano would feature a touchscreen like its bigger brothers the iPhone and iPod Touch. These new leaks report that the much-loved click-wheel will remain due to its ease of use without having to look at the screen.

None of this has been confirmed but is a perfectly logical direction for the company to move in. We’ll have to wait until Apple’s next music special event to find out, which should be around late August / early September.

Via: SlipperyBrick and Electronista

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