Jet-Engine Silencer To Quieten Noisy Birds

A patent application has been filed for a jet-engine silencer that could cut aircraft noise by half, making life a lot quieter for those of us who live near airports or under flight paths.

The patent was filed by a Mr Dimitri Papamoschou from the University of California, who developed the invention with a grant from NASA.

Apparently, most of a jet engine’s noise comes not from the engine itself, but rather from turbulence in the fast-flowing air that is is expelled. The invention aims to purge the air in two channels, one for high-speed air and one for low-speed air. The high-speed air will be directed upwards, away from the towns and cities below. In simulations, this technique has shown to reduce noise by over 6 decibels.

The technology is still years away from commercial use, unfortunately, but if you need some peace and quiet a little sooner, Pratt & Whitney may have just the thing for you.

Patent Application


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