Ruyan Freestyle E-Cigar: High-Tech Cigar For Non-Smokers

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Ruyan America is about to launch their Vegas Freestyle E-cigar which is likely the most high-tech cigar ever created. Designed to look and feel like a real cigar, minus the chemicals, it will get you 1800 drags of ‘flavorful’ vapor.

The cigar incorporates a microchip, atomizer, airflow sensor and liquid cartridge to emulate the look and feel of breathing and exhaling smoke.

With all the good stuff removed, I guess the only real danger involved with using one of these cigars is being called a poser. But, if you’re seriously thinking about getting one, you’re probably already used to that.

The company also makes e-cigarettes which add nicotine to the vapor for smokers to get a toxin-free fix or for quitters trying to cut down on their habit. Could these be the cigarettes of the future? A hit of nicotine, minus the tar? Being a smoker myself, I’d quite like to give one a try 😉

Ruyan America

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Thanks to ecigs, my lungs will probably survive a few more years 😀

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