The Tent: Built-in Solar, Flexible LCD Keeps You Connected

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CS design has thought up a concept for a tent that cleverly incorporates solar panels as well as a built-in flexible LCD display, keeping you connected while you’re ‘trying to get away from it all’.

The design was intended for scientists working in the field to provide a convenient means of communication and collaboration with their team back home.

Apparently, the tent can be erected automatically by activating the solar cells. They apply a charge to the ‘memory metal’ structure which expands the tent and holds its shape. When you’re done with it, you simply deactivate the cells and it collapses down to a size suitable for a backpack.

A full-sized sleeping version aimed at ordinary campers would surely be popular if the price is right. The convenience of such a unit would be great for people who like to go camping on the weekend but don’t like to feel disconnected.

There is one downside to this, though. You might find yourself having to fend off your drunken camp-buddies who want to pile into your tent to watch the game.

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