Timex TX54 Nail Watch Concept: New 007 Timepiece?

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As a part of Timex’s global design competition, a state-of-the-art watch concept was presented that looks like the latest in spy gadgetry. The watch is worn on a thumbnail, much like an acrylic nail and when deactivated, the transparent watch is virtually undetectable.

The display activates on command and can be tweaked to illuminate in a range of colors, but could it also be configured to display not only the time but perhaps secret spy data?

I’m envisioning this as Bond’s latest timepiece – not merely a watch, but a concealed information device. You with me? It could display coordinates or other mission critical data from MI6, even whilst captured.

Personally, I’d like to see a phone incorporated into this design. We could wear a transparent speaker on our thumb and a transparent mic on our pinky and walk around making and taking calls using that globally recognizable “call me” hand gesture.

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I see two problems 1. Washing your hands/swimming 2.cutting your nails.

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