GYM Concept Car: A Full Body Workout That Gets You Places

Unfit? Poor? Seclusionist? Goody green shoes? If so, I have something here that might pique your interest. Introducing the GYM concept car; a car that manages to tone you up, burn calories in private, save you money and protect the planet all in one neat little package.

The GYM, or perhaps MYM (Mobile Gym) or even Jim (if you like to name your cars), is a futuristic concept based on a WW2 fighter aircraft. The single seater runs on an electric motor and its batteries can be charged either through a plug-in socket or the hard-core use of its built-in exercise equipment.

The car was designed by Da Feng, a Coventry University design student who styled the awesome looking chassis out of a lightweight, injection-molded magnesium alloy with a small amount of carbon-fiber bodywork.

The onboard equipment includes a rowing machine, stepping machine, pull up simulator, bench press and arm weights. The idea is to exercise while the car is parked, but who could resist driving with the wheel in one hand and a weight in the other? Multi-tasking at its finest.

Diseno Art

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