P2i Ion-Masking Process Makes Any Item 100% Waterproof

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A British company called Plasma Product Innovations (P2i) yesterday demonstrated a 100% waterproofing ion-mask process that like the Golden Shellback coating we saw last month, can protect any item from water whilst being completely invisible and without impacting on usability.

In the demonstration, journalists were shown how highly absorbent materials like kitchen paper towel (a thirsty little bugger) can be submerged in a tank of water and come out completely dry when coated with P2i’s ion-masking process beforehand.

Also tested were the pair of trainers in the photo above (left is treated, right is not). Unlike the Golden Shellback coating, P2i’s process is available right now. They have teamed up with sportswear company Hi-Tec to produce waterproof boots and trainers, clothing and shoes for the UK military and Magnum cop boots for bobbies on the beat.

Apparently the coating works at a molecular level to produce a film that is permanent and uniform and so thin it is undetectable to the touch. Also, the ion-mask does not restrict air circulation through natural materials like leather or cotton and is unaffected by bending, folding or crushing.

P2i’s ion-mask was developed by the Defence Science and Technology Lab at the University of Durham. The company was established in 2004 to commercialize the technology. They are very keen to apply the coating to electronics, but this area is still in development.

P2i Labs and Register Hardware
Via: TechRadar

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Very interesting, the only problem becomes disposal of items. I suppose materials treated don’t break down too easily… Either way, amazing technology!

Jimzip 😀

amazing im a roofing contractor in the western isles of scotland and any thing that can keep the rain out is of intrest. where can i get your product.

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