Solar Powered Bubble Building: Inspired By A Plate Of Meatballs?

A spanish firm called R!naldo (no typo) has come up with an odd housing design that whilst being environmentally friendly, looks like a plate of your mama’s meatballs. The design is called Bubble Building and is no mere concept, it seems ready to be constructed for anyone who wants something a little different.

The Bubble Building is made from concrete insulate which can be covered in shrubbery to style a more natural look. The windows and doors are made from insulating glass and the giant domes are supposedly able to reflect heat.

The bubbles come equipped with bathroom and kitchen units and appropriately shaped furniture (read: round) with natural flooring that can apparently be used both inside and out. It would be powered by solar panels, though I don’t see where they would be installed – maybe on the domes or an external solar farm?

While this design certainly is interesting, it seems very utilitarian and almost cave-like inside. More like a regression than a progression in my opinion.

Bubble Building
Via: EcoFriend

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