Airflow All-Glass Car: ‘Cause Privacy’s So Yesterday

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Designer Pierre Sabas has come up with a novel car concept called the Airflow, that encapsulates its occupants in an all-glass body. The design looks like a dodgy champagne flute made by an amateur glass-blower but seems aerodynamically sound.

The all-glass cabin could be very beneficial when driving, giving you 360-degree views of the road without any obstructions. This would help to avoid small accidents, but what if a car runs a red and ploughs into the side of you? Better hope the glass is tempered!

Privacy is virtually non-existant, so you can forget using it as a make out mobile. It could be fantastic for car-modders however, making it easier to show off your interior work.

Sabas, a Royal College of Art graduate, entered the car in the 2008 Pilkington Automotive Vehicle Design Awards and walked away as the winner for Best Design Interpretation. The car would seat four, have wheel-mounted electric motors and aims to give occupants a new perception of the outside world.

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