Massive Traffic Light Scam Cheats Italian Motorists

Italian motorists have been cheated out of over £5 million ($10 million) through a simple scam, where the time between amber and red traffic light changes is reduced to as little as a blink of an eye. The scam catches unsuspecting motorists that don’t have time to stop when the light suddenly turns red, landing them with a fine for running the red.

This nationwide con is believed to have been operated by corrupt officials in around 30 towns. So far, four contractors have been arrested after a six-month investigation (come on guys) with more arrests expected.

Local councils are thought to have been acting in collusion with the company, called SCAE, who provided and maintained the lights and cameras. Each time a motorist runs a red light, the company’s cameras snap a photo of the offender and fine them €137 (£107/$214).

The uncovering of the scam is expected to lead to thousands of claims from motorists who feel wrongly penalized and rightly so. A few sneaky individuals may even use the opportunity to get out of their legitimate fines. Mon…ey…makes…the…world…go…round.

Telegraph and Times Online
Photo credit: Flickr’s Polandeze


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