Paraben’s CSI Stick: Copies Cell Phone Data, Available To Anyone.

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Fancy trying your hand at a little digital forensics? Well, thanks to Paraben’s CSI Stick, it’s easy. See, for a paltry $200, you can have access to every piece of data stored on certain Motorola and Samsung handsets, including text messages, names and numbers, pictures, call logs, emails and anything else an unsuspecting user has stored on their phone.

The device looks like a flash drive and is about the size of a Bic lighter making it an easily concealable spy tool. It simply plugs into a phone’s data/charging port and rapidly downloads everything it finds, including deleted files that haven’t been overwritten.

The CSI Stick was developed for law enforcement, surveillance and intelligence operations but is also readily available to the public through Paraben’s website. More models of phones will become vulnerable shortly with Nokia, LG, RIM (BlackBerry) and others soon to be supported by the device.

The forensics tool leaves no trace that data has been compromised and there is no risk of data corruption leaving your victims completely unaware of your covert activities. Plug the stick into your computer’s USB port and run the data through Paraben’s DS software to get an organized display of all the captured information.

Seriously though, this is pretty scary stuff and really makes you think twice about leaving your cell phone about the place. I haven’t got anything too incriminating on my phone but still, I wouldn’t want some snoop reading my texts. They’re personal dammit! I can see this device giving some crazy cat inspiration for a website, you know, hang ’round in bars, covertly copy strangers’ phone details and put them up on the web for all to see. Hey, wait, that could be kinda amusing to read.,, Ideas anyone?

CSI Stick via Physorg and CNET


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