Pathfinder Amphibious Vehicle Concept Makes Boating A Breeze

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Ideas that make our recreational activities more accessible are always welcome, as they help with our increasingly spontaneous lifestyles. We just want to get out there and have some fun and hours spent setting up and packing away equipment is such a drag. Cue the Pathfinder amphibious vehicle concept, which aims to do for boating what the Flyke does for paragliding.

The Pathfinder is a dedicated amphibious vehicle that is just as much at home on the water as it is on the road. There’s no need to worry about all the hassles associated with boating like moorings or taking supplies, just drive it down to your favorite boating spot and plunge it into the water. Simple.

Say you’ve been out on the water a while and you’re feeling a little peckish. Not a problem. Simply drive it ashore and pop into the shop. Easy. No need to worry about running out of gas either as the Pathfinder is designed to be self-powered using a combination of alternative energy sources including solar, wind and hydrogen.

On land the craft is powered by an electric motor in each wheel. When at sea, it can use the power of the wind via its fan-like sail and for periods of low wind, it can be propelled via a jet-drive system that is likely a small propeller or two.

Because the craft would not live permanently on the water, much of the necessary maintenance and repairs associated with boat ownership would be decreased, as rust and rot would be less of an issue. Repairs could also be easily carried out on land without the need to dry-dock your boat.

The Pathfinder is a fascinating design that is very much in touch with the times. Stow a Seabreacher in the back and you’ve got everything you need for one hell of a weekend…as long as you ignore all the disparaging mutterings from old-timers and traditionalists.

Sina (translated) via TheDesignBlog


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