Audi Calamaro: Flying Sports Car Concept

The Audi Calamaro is a futuristic concept car designed by Tibor, a Hungarian design student. Its mad futuristic styling seems to cross a dolphin, a speed boat and a jet fighter and I can’t help but draw a comparison to the awesome Seabreacher submarine.

There’s no information on how this thing would actually fly, so I’m going to speculate (feel free to disagree in the comments). The only way I can imagine this vehicle actually getting off the ground, is via that housing at the front. If it contained an inverted tilt-rotor or small jet-engines like the ones Jet Man used to fly across the Channel, we could be in action.

Hovering and forward motion could be controlled by tilting the engine slightly, plus the engine’s weight should be enough to keep the vehicle level. As it has no wings to provide lift, the rotors could never be perpendicular to the ground like a true tilt-rotor…except in a free-fall. It couldn’t fly fast like a plane, but I believe it would work…however inefficiently.

Automotto via Jalopnik

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very nice flying car. Audi is so great

I like the way you write! Nice blog.

Thank you! just what I need to read right now…

Very good article, well written and very thought out.

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