Finger Grip Socket Set Holds Your Nuts…Or Bolts

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Here’s a neat gadget that’s ideal for fiddly reassembly jobs. Called the Finger Grip Socket Set, it essentially straps a nut (or a bolt) to your finger which won’t break free until properly threaded. It can be used even with gloves on, making it great for greasy mechanical work of for people in colder climes.

I could have really used this finger-mounted tool back when I had my motorcycle. I often found it difficult to get my hands in behind a fitting to hold a nut in place when carrying out repairs or maintenance. This little device would have proven quite useful…despite the effort required to select the appropriately-sized grip and strap it on.

The set includes 10 US sizes from 3/16″ up to 9/16″ and 10 metric sizes from 6mm to 15mm. The grips are made of plastic and are not very deep, so they’re only for starting a thread, not for tightening. If you’re interested, they’re available from Whatever Works and for $20.

Whatever Works via Book Of Joe

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This could be a neat tool, I would like to try it before though, I’m having a hard time seeing how it works and if it works well mostly… But if it does, I can see many uses for it. Also depends on the price…

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