FlashPoint ES: Microwave Torch Cooks Food, Heats Drinks.

Here’s a neat gadget that’s equally as useful for a regular day at the office as it is for survival in the deepest, darkest wilderness. Called the FlashPoint ES, it is a mini-microwave “Exo-Stove” in the slim shape of a torch, that can be used for everything from cooking up that rabbit you caught with your bare hands to simply re-heating your coffee at work.

The patent pending torch offers easy heating or cooking wherever you may be. Simply point (away from you), twist the lens to focus and click “GO”. Apparently, it takes only seconds to whip up a hot drink or meal, which leaves me skeptical.

The “Exo-Stove” seems to be nothing more than a laser, which would indeed do what it claims, but would require the user to be incredibly patient. There is no information available online about the torch or even the patent on its design, which makes me even more skeptical. Safety would be a concern too. If you can cook food in seconds…you can also cook body parts…without realizing…till it’s too late…for the person’s face you were accidently pointing the torch at.

The flashlight was spotted by bookofjoe in the Financial Times’ “How To Spend It” magazine. If the FlashPoint ES is for real and can do what it claims, it’s a truly impressive gadget that will find uses all over the place. Squeeze in a decent flash drive and you’ve got the ultimate must-have, take-everywhere, Swiss Army Knife smashing keyring accessory.

bookofjoe via Gizmodo

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