Flat Out Fiat: The World’s Lowest Car

Here’s a car mod that is sure to turn some heads. Called the Flat Out, it is a cut-down 1989 Fiat 126 that stands at under 22-inchs (56cm) tall. The car claims the title of the world’s lowest vehicle and amazingly, was created in just three days.

The Flat Out is the work of car designer Andy Saunders who created the ultra-low vehicle genre back in 1985 with his awesome Mini Claustrophobia. He had since lost the “world’s lowest” title to competitors, but has finally claimed it back with his latest creation.

Saunders, with the help of two hard-working sidekicks, built the Flat Out as part of the 40th Annual Autojumble celebrations at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire. Looks like a fun ride…til you hit a speed hump.

Andy Saunders Kustoms via SlipperyBrick

Comments (2 Responses):

nice modification, top guy when ride this car

Fukn crazy bastards were can i get one

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