High-Security Fashion: $12,000 Bullet-Proof Polo Shirt

That’s right, we have a new buzz-word. Columbian designer Miguel Caballero has developed a range of clothing tagged “high-security fashion”, which incorporates an ultra-lightweight bullet-proof fabric that is virtually indistinguishable from regular designer clothing. A $12,000 anti-ballistic polo shirt has been developed as part of his “Black Collection” line and is available now from Harrod’s of London.

The polo-shirt is able to resist bullet-fire ranging from a 9mm pistol to an Uzi submachine gun, which is pretty damn impressive. If someone does go at you with an Uzi though, the shirt may improve your chances of survival, but you sure won’t come away from that attack unscathed. Even if the 600 rounds-per-minute Uzi only hits your Polo covered torso, you’re gonna end up so bruised you’ll look like one of those purple Ribena berries.

Caballero has attracted a list of very high profile clients with his high-tech kit including action hero Steven Seagal, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela , King Abdullah of Jordan and President Alvaro Uribe of Columbia, which has got to say something about the quality of his work.

Miguel Caballero
Via: AffluentPageLuxuryIndex

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Amazing! Wondering how heavy the T-shirt might be.

this is what the internet is about. Awesome post.

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