Safe Bedside Table Is A Weapon In Disguise


So, you’ve taken off your taser-proof vest and bullet-proof polo shirt to settle down in bed for the night. You’ve drifted off to sleep when…BAM…an intruder breaks into your house. What do you do? You reach for your trusty Safe Bedside Table, which is sure to unnerve just about any uninvited guest.

Designed by James McAdam, the Safe Bedside Table features a detachable leg that acts as a club and a table top that can be used as a shield for self-defence.

The top is pretty thick, but I don’t know how it would perform against gunfire at point-blank range. The table was designed for Londoners though and it’s all ’bout knives ‘ere, innit?

James McAdam via SlipperyBrick and Bauldoff


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