Samsung .05mm Thick OLED Flaps In The Wind

Samsung has developed a new OLED display that is so thin, it literally flaps in the wind. The 4-inch “Flapping Display” is just 0.05mm thick, can produce 480×272 pixels with a 100,000:1 contrast ratio and reproduce 100% of the NTSC color gamut, making the picture quality comparable to that of most flat-panel displays on the market.

The new OLED is being exhibited at the FPD (Flat Panel Displays) International 2008 which began today in Japan. To emphasize the screen’s characteristics, Samsung has it hanging in the air, flapping around in the breeze from a fan.

In the slim stakes, Samsung’s new OLED tech manages to trump the impressive breakthrough made by Sony with their 0.3mm thick OLED we saw in May. Samsung reckons it is possible to go slimmer still, paving the way for displays with e-paper flexibility, that can also produce full-color, high-quality images.

Samsung used a “sputtering” membrane sealing technology to achieve the slim design, which wouldn’t have been possible with a normal glass substrate. The new technique coats the panel with a flexible protective membrane, which gives it that envy-inspiring wispiness.

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