Thor Shield: Taser-Proof Vests

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We saw the bullet-proof polo shirt a couple of weeks ago, but what if you get into a tangle with a taser-armed cop? No worries. Get yourself one of these Thor Shield taser-proof vests and continue to enjoy that feeling of (false) invincibility.

The vests are available now for military and law enforcement agencies, but I would imagine it won’t be long before they hit the streets. If you can’t wait, it should be possible to make one up yourself.

The patented lining is simply a conductive material with low resistance. It’s works on the principle that current will tend to follow the path of least resistance, flowing through the fabric to complete the circuit. There must be some kind of material already out there with these properties. Any ideas?

Check out the video at Point Blank Solutions to see the Thor Shield material in action. I especially like the guy with the taser-proof glove. He’s like a superhero.

Thor Shield and Point Blank Solutions and The Register


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