Brookstone Voice-Activated Universal Remote Control

Brookstone have released a very clever and elegant looking voice activated, universal remote that aims to give you control of all your entertainment components via Star Trek-like computer voice commands. It is even smart enough to know which device to send your commands to.

The universal remote can apparently respond to your commands right out of the box and will work with any language or accent. The suppliers are so confident in its simplicity that they reckon you don’t even need a manual or code book, you just press the ‘Help’ button to have a voice walk you through the setup.

I’m guessing that for it to be language independent, you would need to program your own commands. If so, I’d totally be prefixing everything with “Computer” for that starship feel.
Computer: Access Channel Number 122. Computer: Activate Optical Drive. Computer: Initiate Auto-Destruct Sequence…just kidding. You think I’d waste 40 bucks?

Unlike the No Battery Remote Control, this 7-inch tall rocket-shaped device is powered by 4 AAA’s and is shipping now over at Brookstone.

Brookstone via GadgetGrid


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