Golden Shellback Invisible Waterproof Coating Now Available

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Remember Golden Shellback’s magical waterproof coating we saw back in July? We’ll it’s available now and we have a price list for coating several popular gadgets in their invisible waterproofing agent. The only problem is that you have to mail in that gadget you just can’t live without for the company to apply the coating.

Costs are as follows:
Blackberry Pearl: $120.00
Apple iPod Shuffle: $60.00
Apple iPod Touch: $120.00
Lansing iPod Speaker Orbit M: $60.00
Garmin GPS Etrex: $75.00
West Marine Vhf 55 Radio: $120.00
Speakers without enslosures up to 8-inches diameter: $100 each, $180 for a pair.

Okay, so you probably picked up that with these prices, you really only want to do your more expensive gadgets. I mean, $60 for an iPod shuffle…you can pick up a new one for that.

The company offers a 30 day guarantee (though you’d hope it would last at least a few years) and there’s no word on just how long the process will take. I think we really need to see this tech implemented as a while-you-wait or next day service for it to become popular. Maybe dry cleaners and shoe repairers could setup a franchise operation with Golden Shellback and get this service on every block.

Golden Shellback via Oh Gizmo


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