Knife-Proof Fabric Protects You From Thugs, Jealous Lovers.

…And backstabbers (but only in the literal sense).

So, you got yourself a bullet-proof polo shirt and a taser-proof vest, which has got you covered for a stay in New York, but what about London? Well, thanks to this patent, you could perhaps kit yourself out in a knife-proof jacket as well.

This slim, lightweight, twistable material is the work of four US inventors and is specially designed to protect against blades, which is no simple task. Even bullet-proof clothing can be punctured by the sharp tip of a knife, so a custom solution is required.

The fabric consists of tiny concave hexagons made out of a durable plastic, likely polypropylene, which deflect the tip of the knife towards a small metal ring at their center. The very tip of the blade passes through the ring and into a soft cushion membrane, but cannot go any further as the ring cannot accommodate the broad width of the remainder of the knife.

This patent was published back in 2005, but does not seem to have been developed into a usable product as yet. Shame. I’m sure Jessica Kalish would have been grateful for something like this…222 times over.

US Patent via Invention Of The Day


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