Now Everyone Can Drive A Mercedes…Well, Almost.

It’s not just adults that appreciate fine automobile design and that’s something Mercedes seems to have caught on to. Their latest creation is a limited edition, tot-sized, ride-on version of their SLK AMG called the Bobby Benz, which joins their smaller, made-to-order model cars aimed squarely at this neglected audience of car aficionados.

Who knows what their motivation is? To instill brand loyalty from a young age? To take advantage of a relatively untapped market? To help the company remain solvent through the economic downturn? Nah, maybe they’re just trying to bring a little happiness to the children of the world uber-rich.

According to the company’s recent press release, the Bobby Benz is the successor to the classic children’s go-cart and like any decent luxury vehicle, features ergonomic leg positioning and noise reduction technology. It also includes a Direct-Steer system that reduces the vehicle’s turning circle…imagine that.

Maybe I’m being overly harsh. To their credit, the models are very well styled and their earlier ride-on Bobby Benz goes for around $130, which is not that outrageous. Check out the pictures below.

SLK Pedal Car

SL Class Car

SL Pedal Car


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