Revolver Ring: The Perfect Way To Say I…PEW.

This revolver ring could give the term cold feet a whole new and very literal meaning. It apparently comes with tiny bullets which in reality, probably only pack about as much punch as a Japanese BB Gun – which can…well…kill!. Birds. But not the kind you’d marry…unless you’re a particularly keen Ornithologist. And a dwarf. Look, if nothing else, the height difference is gonna ruin things.

This ring gun may have been originally designed as a form of self-defence for women in early times, but what about modern times? There may be occasions and situations when shooting somebody seems a little extreme. I suggest a mace squirter. Just like a water gun, only more peppery.

Regardless of what it actually does, I’m sure it’ll make an impression…in convenience stores. And airports. For more pics and other gun oddities, shoot on over to LittleGun who even have a gun for the handicapped.

Via: SlipperyBrick and TrendHunter

Comments (2 Responses):

Where can I buy this ring?

J, I’m afraid it doesn’t appear to be available for purchase. Shame.

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