Samsung Demos OLED Display, Folds In Two Like Paper.

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A video has surfaced of a new innovation in OLED technology which is thought to be from the recent Japanese Flat Panel Display (FPD) trade show. It shows a full-color OLED display by Samsung which is capable of being folded in two, much like a sheet of paper. The display joins Samsung’s .05mm thick OLED that was also present at the show – flapping in the wind.

This cellphone/portable media player is emblazoned with Samsung’s logo beneath a smaller panel on the front on the device which appears to be a touchscreen. Tech specs have yet to be seen and we’re probably a long way off from seeing this on the market, but it is an impressive glimpse of future display tech currently in development.

Oled Display and You Tube
Via: Gizmodo

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Wow, Samsung once again takes the lead!


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