Video: Awesome Flying Car Prototype Is Yours For $3 million

…plus shipping. Unlike the gorgeous flying sports car concept we saw a few weeks ago, this model by Japanese engineering firm – New Scientific Research and Development (NSRD), is an actual real-world prototype. The car is up on Ebay and Alibaba for a cool $3 million.

Apparently inspired by Star Wars, the test flying car engine system comprises four rotors, powered by 280 horsepower Mazda engines, which are capable of speeds of up to 4500rpm.

The test car is fitted with a gyro system and the cockpit comes equipped with a touchscreen interface. The touchscreen can start and stop all four engines simultaneously, or oddly, individually, which would surely lead to loss of control. The display also shows vital stats such as rotor speed, oil pressure and radiator temperature.

NSRD’s prototype has a frame measuring 5.4m (17.7ft) x 2.6m (8.5ft) x 1.8m (5.9ft) with a weight of 4 tonnes. See it in CG action in the video below.

Ebay and YouTube
Via: Techeblog

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i am several steps towards this concept,principly i have it working in small scale,i am now working on a full scale version for early 2011

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