XPod: Nano-Sized Speakers For Your iPod

Sharing music with a group of friends on-the-go can be tricky without wrestling with earphones or carrying around a bulky set of speakers. That’s where the XPod comes in. With a tiny form factor about the size of the new iPod Nano, you won’t have any trouble keeping these speakers handy for impromptu listening sessions.

The XPod has a built-in battery that can be charged over USB and a slot in the back to cleverly make a stand for it with loose change. Don’t expect the sound quality to be brilliant though, as it only has a 770mW amplifier, but at a US equivalent of around $17, who’s complaining?

It includes a color-coded neck cord and measures 3.07″ (78mm) x 1.34″ (34mm) x 0.33″ (8.4mm), which compares to the latest Nano’s 3.60″ (90.7mm) x 1.50″ (38mm) x 0.24″ (6.2mm).

The XPod is only available in Korea at the moment, but I can imagine something like this being quite popular, so you never know.

Early Adopter Korea via Technabob


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